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Organizing StarCraft 2 replays

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Look through tournament replay packs to find that one build order you wanted. Filter replays by player, matchup, map, and other taggable data.

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Check up on the Metagame

See what build orders have been most popular in each matchup over the past 30 days to determine what you might see out on the ladder.

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Study Upcoming Matchups

Get a digest of players' histories before a match. See the replays of previous games they have played and how well they fare in the matchups in general.

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Analyze In-Depth Statistics

From the archive of replays, analyze how well builds perform against each other, what typical build timings look like, and what choices most often lead to wins.

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Featured Replay of the Week

IEM Shenzhen Snute vs TY G1 - Abusing Terrain with Siege Tanks!

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Help Label Replays

Spawning Tool is building an archive of replays labeled with build orders for better analysis and accessibility. You can help by accepting and rejecting tags.

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